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W108 Wood - Finished

From start to finish this entire process took me six weeks. Three of those week were spent experimenting with some door wood I got from a local junk yard trying to find the right finish and color. I settled on using this semi-gloss finish and Red Mahogany and Red Oak stain. By staining each piece for a different amount of time, I was able to match the color almost exactly.... this was quite a difference from how the wood came out of the car. I used about 6-8 coats of Polyurethane, depending on the piece... the deeper grains needed more finish to become smooth... with sanding with 0000 steel wood after each coat

Installation of the wood is roughly the same as removal. You have to be more careful not to scratch the finish, of course. While the dash is apart, its a good idea to think about other things that might need some restoration. I removed the heater lever assembly, rebuilt it, and lubricated all of the cables. You might also want to consider sending your original radio out for a tune-up, having your clock cleaned and adjusted, and any chrome parts polished or rechromed.

The original goal was original looking wood... what I imagined as being fairly dark with a bit of red in the color, and a semi-gloss finish... nothing too reflective. I'm very happy with the results:

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Jaime Kopchinski
March 24, 2002
1967 Mercedes Benz 250S

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