Getting ready for spring

Yeah, its been a while since the last update.  There has been one major issue with my 1967 Mercedes 300SEL which I might have mentioned before:  I didn’t have a title.  This is a fairly major problem for a New Jersey resident.  But I finally found a solution and the car is now titled and registered in my name!

Title and Plates

This opens the door to get the car on the road by the spring.  In the last year or so, its been sitting in a very nice and dry garage.  I’ve been starting it occasionally and driving it around a bit to get it up to temperature and the car continues to sit on its own airbags without falling significantly for a few weeks.  Its now suffering from having old gas in the tank (but luckily its only 1-2 gallons) and has become more difficult to start.  It really needs to see some regular use.

From what I can see up to now, the following things need to be addressed before the car is roadworthy:

  • Change all cooling hoses
  • Change belts
  • New Exhaust system
  • Fix oil leak in the front of the engine, which appears to be related to the fan coupling.
  • Change power steering hoses, and change the oil in the rear differential
  • New Tires, and an alignment
  • And cleaning… lots and lots of cleaning, inside and out.

Its not an insignificant amount of work, and will require a lot of time and money.  Hopefully I can make it by spring!

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