240D Pictures

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Pictures I took the day I went to see the car:

Front of the car

(Headlights are on)

Back of the car

Get in!

I used my Apple Quicktake 100 digital camera I got at a computer show for $20 to take these shots, so the quality isn't too great.

A really nice

interior shot

Scans coming soon!

New pictures! I had the old QuickTake out, so I took a few!

A nice engine shot

More Under the hood, taken while I was working on the vacuum system, adjusting the valves, and changing the fuel filters.

Valve Cover Off

Engine shot

Another Engine shot!

Crash Test!

(Not mine)


New Pictures!!! I finally got around to scaning in all the pictures I've been wanting to, so enjoy! Some of them are rather large so get ready!

These are a few hires jpegs of my 240D. You can use the left one as a wallpaper if you want! Its 1280x1024.


These are shots of my dad's old 1986 300SDL. He bought it with about 80,000 miles on it and drove it until it almost died: The head was cracked in about 8 places so he decided to give it to our MB mechanic in exchange for repairs on my mother's car. When the car had about 299,500 miles on it, my father lost control of it (black ice) and bounced around a few guard rails. We found a body shop that would fix the car for alot less than anyone else, but he took his time! We got the car back about two months later and fell in love with it all over again! My father came home one day shortly after that with just under 300,000 miles on the odometer, so I drove it around a parking lot until it hit the big 300 and took a picture! The left picture was taken when the car came back from the body shop.... not bad looking for a car with 300,000 miles on it! The car had 350,000 on it when he gave it up and its still on the road. Our mechanic rebuilt the engine and its in daily service.

This is my mothers 1985 380SL. She says its the only material possesion that she ever really wanted. We bought it the same year we had the accident with the 300SDL My mother had been driving a 1985 Toyota Celica convertable up until that point and we were looking for a new car. We went out and bought a brand new Volvo 850. The plan was for my father to drive the Volvo until he got his 300SDL back, then my mother would drive it and we would sell the Toyota. That didn't quite work out! On mothers day we went to look at the 380SL and fell in love with it. To make a long story short, we sold the Volvo after only a few months and 18,000 miles! We took a loss but we just love our 380SL!

This is what my father drives now. Its a 1991 350SDL. Its similar to the 300SDL, but theres alot of nice refinments, like self-leveling rear suspension. He bought the car a year after he had the body work done on his 300SDL. Driving this car is a blast! After sitting in my 240D all day, this car is like a rocket ship! I think it could keep up with the 380SL! We're looking forward to seeing how long we can drive this one, 350,000? 400,000 miles?! We keep talking about a S350 Turbodiesel to replace it some day, it we can find one.

Ok, this stuff below has "no MB content" but you might find it interesting.

This was my first car. A 1986 Volvo 240DL. It was a nice car, kinda. We bought it with only 68k miles on it from a local (non-volvo) dealership. In the first week I dumped about $1000 into it for a new catalytic converter and a few odds and ends. By the end, over a year and about 25,000 miles later, I had spent alot more than that and I decided to give the car up. I found my 240D and what a difference! The Volvo was an overall good car. It had the M46 4-speed + overdrive manual transmission, so it was fun to drive and had lots of low end power. When I do miss this car, I miss how fast I was. I drove it upto about 115mph once, acceleration was nice too! I installed a trailer hitch to tow my 13' Boston Whaler. I now realize this car was a great tow vehicle! A 3500lb hitch bolted right to the frame! I wish my 240D could do that!


These are our boats. On the left if my 1986 13' Boston Whaler. Its the fouth Whaler in our family. We are thinking of selling it for a larger boat. We've had it for five years now and just love it! On the right is our 1990 29' Pheonix. That me at the helm! Now you can see what I look like (well, from a distance). We've had it for about four years and now have about 1000 hours on the engines (350 GM blocks, grrr). If I don't respond to email on the weekends, these boats are the reason why! We keep them in Ocean Beach New Jersey.

This is Morgan! No, hes not a wooden-framed british sports car, hes a Yellow Lab. Hes shown here doing one of the things he does best, swimming! He just loves going to the boat and he looks really great in my mothers SL!

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