This page has ben left up for entertainment and informational purposes only... the car is sold. Its been over two years since I sold it, and I still get calls! I have another 250S now.. see the other page. And of course, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or coments!

1967 Mercedes Benz 250S

Well, its time to sell my 250S. The car has about 68,000 original documented miles. Lots of recent work to make this car a reliable daily or classic driver. Original paint has a wonderful shine. Interior is nearly perfect. Only OEM parts used for repairs. Just had complete valve job and engine rebuild (new rings and bearings) after I bought the car. This car is in drive anywhere condition. I made a recent trip in it to Maryland and it returned 21mpg at 80 mph. There aren't too many around like this one, its had an easy life with owners that really cared about it. I've spend 100s of hours working on it to bring it back to excellent mechanical condition.

All four tires are P195/70 R14 Goodyear Invicta GLs, evenly worn with a good amount of life left in them. They are mounted to the original painted wheels with the correct hubcaps and chrome rings. The spare is good and also has an extra hubcap.

The interior is about as perfect as original interiors come. The only work I did was refinish the wood. This includes the dash wood and the pieces surrounding the windshield and the door windows. There are no tears in the seats or headliner, and the only cracking you'll find are two tiny ones around the speaker grill on the dash. I have two sets of the original keys. All the locks are original and work fine, including the gas cap.

What doesn't work: The clock: If you take it out of the car and apply 12 volts, it works great. In the car, its intermittent. The transmission kick down switch: Not a big deal, the transmission is fine otherwise. It shifts well, engages into drive and reverse quickly, and doesn't slip at all. The transmission is a four speed automatic. That's it.

What does work. All four heater levers work. Its common for them to break, so I removed the entire lever assembly and rebuilt it with fresh grease. All three speeds of the heater motor work as well as the heater valves. The under dash AC unit is original and it blows wonderfully cold air. With the AC on, the belt vibrates a bit, but this is very common for this model. All lights, including the side makers, dash, and interior lights work. The manual windshield washer squirts perfectly. Two speed wipers work, just installed new wiper blades. The horn is so loud you could probably hurt someone with it. Power steering and brakes work well. Battery is strong, but I'm not sure how old it is. Original Blaupunkt Vienna AM radio works well and gets good reception. Four power windows work. All the original seat belts work. All gauges work and are fairly accurate, I think the speedo is a bit fast.

I recently tested the compression in the engine and found it to be about 160 psi in each cylinder with no more than 5 psi difference between them. This is the compression of a new engine. You typically find good running engines like this with compression around 145 or less. A common problem with these engines is valve guide wear. The cylinder head has new guides and seals installed, along with a three angle valve job, so you won't have to worry about that for a long time. The carburetors are rebuilt and don't leak at all. The idle is smooth and economy is very good, for a 33 year old car. No blue or white smoke of any kind from the exhaust. The exhaust system is 100% stainless steel from the manifold back, except for the clamps. It passed NJ emissions test in December of 2000. Inspected through December 2001 and is transferable to a new owner in NJ.

All the brake lines have been replaced, along with new pads on all four wheels. I replaced the front right caliper with a rebuilt one and installed a brand new Ate master cylinder. The car stops straight and without vibration.

The only thing this car is missing is the driver's floor mat, the other three are still there and in good condition.

The most significant negative point of this car is the body. There are two dents, one on the right rear door and one behind the left rear bumper, and a few little dings here and there. The front right fender is rusted through around the top of the headlight. It needs to be replaced and I'll include a decent used fender with the car. The left (drivers) fender has some rust, but I think it can be repaired. Body rust is easy to fix, chassis rust is not. The trunk, floors, and rocker panels are absolutely perfect. Rock solid, no rot. The front bumper support has some rot causing the bumper to sang a little bit, but its not significant. The windshield has a small crack on the passenger side. Its not a big problem, but it should be fixed eventually. This car sat in a garage for nearly all of the 1980s and was dealer service up until it was stored.

I have a large stack of receipts. I started to add them up and I wasn't happy to find I've spent much more than I ever planned on this car. I'm still trying to pay the credit card bills.   ;-)   My reserve is about half of what I put into the car in the last year or so. I bought the car in early September 1999.

I have all of the original manuals and books, including a letter from the original dealer to the original owner dated July 13, 1967. I also have the papers for the original radio and air conditioning and many more, see the picture below.

If I had the money and a place to keep it, I wouldn't even think of selling this car. But I'm not so lucky, so its time to sell it and move onto another project Benz. I have driven the car about 5,000 miles since Thanksgiving of 1999 and it has never let me down.

This car will make an excellent daily driver for someone. Its simple and reliable. There isn't much that can break that I didn't work on already. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. I have a new Alpine CD player installed under the dash, with two surface mount speakers on the rear deck. If the bids reach well beyond my reserve, I'll include it. Keep in mind that no permanent modifications were made to install the stereo.

The VIN number is 108 012 12 040216. "Numbers Match"

New Parts:
Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, brake lines, brake pads, one new brake caliper, master cylinder, alternator, belts, hoses, water pump,fan clutch, thermostat, front and rear shocks (OEM), refinished interior wood, rebuilt carbs, complete custom stainless steel exhaust, motor mounts, transmission mount, air filter, fuel filter, main engine bearings (standard size), connecting rod bearings (standard size), piston rings, all engine gaskets and seals.

All serious high bidders: please contact me by telephone to verify that you mean business! I invite anyone interested to come see and drive the car, please call me (Jaime) to set up a time. My home number is (973) 740-SOLD. (THE CAR IS SOLD, PLEASE DON'T CALL ME) I can tell you even more about the car if you call. The car is located in Livingston, NJ.

As you can see from the amount I've written, I love talking about this car. I don't think I've left anything out, but please feel free to email me or call me with any questions. I'm an honest guy who really loves his Mercedes and I want to see this car go to a good home.

The car must be picked up and paid for in full within 10 days of auction closing and I need a 25% deposit within four days of the auction closing. I can't offer a warranty, I'm not a dealer. Therefore the car is sold as is. Your bid is a contract, if you win, you agree to pay the final auction price for the car. I'm an experienced eBay seller, see my feedback.

I have a 1967 250S parts car that is 80% complete that might be available to the high bidder for a very low price.

More Pictures: All JPEGs about 640x480 taken June 2000

Rear Left

Rear Right

Rear Center

Center Dash


Inspection Sticker

Manuals, Tools, Keys

Front Left

Front Right

Front Center

Corner Dash

Front Seats


Floor Two

Engine Left

Engine Right

Open Hood

Full Dash

Back Seats

Floor One

Engine, our of car