The Parts Car
Another 1967 (more like 1968) 250S

Purchased June 13, 2000

Updated September 23... scroll down!

The Parts Car is GONE... scroll down!

Here it is, the parts car. I don't really need a parts car, expect for a fender or two, but it was only $300! It rust well without smoking, but the carbs really need work. The previous owner sold the car because he broke the column shifter (its a manual trans!) a few months ago and didn't want to spend the $500 to fix it. Well, I didn't wanna spend $500 either, so me and my friend Alvaro tied up a small rag to repair the broken parts and the car is 100% driveable! We had it towed anyway, cause a truck was on the way, and drove it around the industrial park where we work. It will soon be in parts, and everything seems to work, so please email me before I have it sent to the scrap yard if you need anything! Enjoy these pictures of the day's activity.

Click on any image for a larger view

A rear view

The fairly clean, good running engine

On the way home

The funny blue bench seat

The front

Me, happily driving my $300 car

The interior

Off the tow truck

On to the tow truck

The quick transmission linkage fix

The rust (!)

Km/h on the speedo

The Speedo works!

The rusty fuel tank

August 7, 2000:

This past weekend the real dismantling started. Just about the entire interior has been stripped. Its funny how easy and rewarding it is to take apart such a fine machine. Today I started removing the old and cracked finish from the wood pieces. Very soon items will be appearing on eBay and everyone's email requests will be fulfilled. Stay tuned, and enjoy these pictures!

The car, looking pretty sad

Not much left

No place to sit

Its amazing how much you can
store in an empty interior!


September 23, 2000:

The parting has continued, and there isn't much left! You can see by the pics below, the car going to have every useful bit removed before its taken away!


Two rear 1/4 panels were removed today by Charlie Hart

Cross section of the rear rocker... looks great!

Ready for monster truck tires


October 27, 2000:

Its all gone! They came to take it this morning. The truck showed up early so I didn't get to pull a few last things, but it really wasn't much of a loss. Enjoy the pictures.... Note that the doors and fenders are gone.