The 250S gets a new Becker

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On September 9 2001, the stereo upgrade project began to show some results. After a visit with Ed Ebel at Becker of North American, I ended up with loads of goodies.

The Mexico looks excellent and correct in the dash. All functions work correctly and smoothly. The 12V+ trigger is connected to the power antenna, Reims 10 shortwave adapter, and the Sony RF CD Changer (CDX-444RF). Sound quality is surprisingly good with only two 3" speakers mounted in place of the factory mono speaker.

This is a NOS Becker Reims 10 shortwave adapter. I'm very impressed with how many stations it picks up! Too bad most of them seem to be some religious stuff in Spanish! The seek bar on the Mexico picks up only the strongest shortwave stations, so its necessary to manually tune most of the time.

The power antenna installed is a Hirschmann Auta 6000U 362. Not correct for the car, but close enough. According to some documents in the glove box, the car originally had a 6000 series power antenna from the factory. This antenna is similar in design and fits very nicely inside the fender, clearing the AC fan motor without a problem.


Coming soon: Rear speakers, a high power amp, correct radio knobs, and perhaps a few more accessories!

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