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  1. Hi – I am also on “the MB List” and saw some stuff you commented on a few weeks ago. That led me to reconsider refininshn some MB wood.
    Your links to he polyurethans and stain colors mo longer go to a specific product, but rather just to Minwax. So I am contacting you seeking some further detail.


    Tom Scott

  2. hi beautiful car,i have a 72,n love it.make sure to put in denatured alcohol in the reservoir,by the compressor,and to bleed the schreader valve,by the fender tank,do you have the rubber blocks?polish will make the wood beautiful,but will swell the grain,better to wax.try to keep the air valve setting in the middle.and try to start it at least once a has a beautiful ride,n for character,cant be beat.good luck,n take care.

  3. Hi,

    I found your page about the 1962 ladies bike. I have one very similar to yours except it’s a Triumph. I’ve attached a link to a photo of one that is pretty much identical to the one I have. The bike I have, like yours, has the original Bates Dunlop tires and tubes. Would you be able to give me an estimate of what my bike is worth?

    Thank you!


  4. Hello Jamie
    I am working on a 66 250 s and needed to change out one of the Zenith i picked up one from another 250S at the junkyard and put it on…checked the serial numbers – which were around the same prod. date..
    it starts fine and idles fine but when you step on the gas/put it in drive it shuts wondering if i need to re-build this with the kit – or is it better to change these to the webers..not sure if i just need the kit or a whole new weber carb..which seem to be expensive ..and i guess i paid too much for removing those carbs off of a junk yard – $200/pices…any suggestions..

    1. Any carb with an unknown history probably needs a rebuild, so this is a good place to start. As long as they’re not warped due to excessive heat, you should be able to rebuild them and get everything running correctly. Don’t overall ignition system issues, and well as a valve adjustment. All these things are important to getting the carbs setup correctly. Good luck!

  5. Yup old-timer car and no way to sneak coming home late at night undetected either. Some other old things I seem to like just because of my dad. Like my brother inlaw’s old 1976 VW CamperBus my dad sold to him. I got it now he was just going to pay the scapper! Nope, well its safe here with me.

  6. Hi Jaime,

    First, thank you for such an incredible site! I’m new to the MB W108, first purchase of my project was this past December 1967 250s Gray/Beige color just like your old one that you sold to the woman in New York State. I’m in San Francisco for the moment, later to be relocating to New England.

    Anyhow, if you don’t mind – I have a question about my ignition switch, which seems to be worn-out. It intermittently will kill the motor (break contacts) if I bump the key. Currently, while twisting the key to start the engine, when releasing – I have to be be careful or it will kill the motor, so I slowly move it around until I find a spot that will hold it running.

    I replaced the back of the assembly (the electric switch) with another used one – same result/no change – then swapped out the key/mechanical assembly with (unfortunately) another used one (can’t find it new) and of course same result. The key has a little play while in the socket, you move it a bit and the motor dies. Being the play is in the Key – I’m thinking mechanical (Hard to find part). The electric switch replacement (as New) is readily available and is out there for $60-$100.

    My question is (before I spend the $60-$100) – have you experienced this and have you found the problem lies within the Keyed Mechanical assembly or the electric switch?

    Once Again:
    Avid Reader – Great Site – Great Thanks to You for everything.


    Alan Rodgers

  7. It was more than 10 years ago when I reached this website…at that time, I was a very young dude with a 1972 W114 inline-six 230 parked in front, a car that I had the engine replaced, but a car that ran something like a mile per gallon…after some entire nights of web browsing, I found this, found what I was looking for and the next day both of the Zenith carburettors were dismantled, fine tuned, took me a whole day…years have passed, I still owe that car, right now it is a project for restoration but the engine, in spite of the age, still runs like a swiss clock.

    Recently, one of my friends started building his very own collection, and I’ve been redirecting him to your website. Be free to check the stuff we have and posess…,79.0.html,50.0.html

    And thank you, for a job well done.


    Mercedes Benz Club of Romania

  8. Hey, I have recently acquired a 67 250 s that sat in a garage for the last 20 years. Just drained old gas from tank and changed out tank strainer that wasn’t that bad. I want to drain th zenith carbs but can’t find any drain plug? Also where did they put the original fuel filter I can’t find one?

    Thanks for your help

  9. I am happy to have found your blog. We purchased a 67 250S needing a total restoration. Unable to find an affordable manual for this vehicle, I scoured the web. The fuel, coolant, suspension and A/C systems must be repaired or replaced. The transmission needs to be rebuilt and the body needs to be sanded in a few areas and painted. The engine compartment must be patched and will be painted before everything is put back together. I’m a disabled single Mom of 2 children. My son plans to attend Univ of Reno in 2016 and will need our 4X4. I suffered a brain hemorrhage secondary to a heart condition that caused me to black out and walk into traffic, being struck by a vehicle in 2006. My kids and I are excited about this restore. My Son attends college and works full time, we work on the MB 2 days a week toget her. My tween daughter is also helping when she’s not at basketball, track or choir practice. We began working on the car (Alfred) a week ago. I began purchasing tools and parts in September. It will take approxamately 18 months based on available time and money. It’s been 9 years since I did more than brakes and oil changes. I’m inspired by your blog.

  10. i stumbled upon your page randomly about your 300sel! love the info and pictures on there. a lot of info im trying to learn as im about to buy a 67 w112 300se cabriolet. i own a 68 w108 250s and a 67 w111 250se coupe. but i know the factory air suspension and m189 motor is a little tricky to work on and expensive.

    just wanted to thank you for the info.

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