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Last Update June 22, 2010

Current cars, projects, and new pages:

My 250S (updated 3/25/03)

I missed the last one, so I bought another! 42k original documented miles (how do I find these things?!). Overall very nice condition. Needs a few odds and ends to be perfect... It'll keep me busy! There are just some pictures and a few pages at this link at this link.. Perhaps I'll start a new page soon.

Grover Mudd: a 1979 300D

So, yet another diesel. This time, it was nearly sorta free. Check out this page for loads of details and pictures about this car with a personality.

The Original 240D Diesel Website

Over 10,000 hits in about 2.5 years! Old and outdated now, but the original 240D page is a favorite of diesel fans. Soon I'll do some updating... I don't actually own this car anymore. I sold it to my uncle in October 2001, just a few days shy of my three year anniversary with the car. Click here for some excellent pics of the car the day I sold it. I still see the car quite often and my uncle takes excellent care of it.

Movies at

This page has been around since November 2000, but I never had a link to it. Feel what its really like to drive in the 240D!

An idea that never really caught on... but visit the site, have a laugh, and enjoy! And feel free to submit your car!

Repair and restoration pages:

W108 Wood Refinishing Pages: (3/24/02)

Wood removal

A step by step guide about removing the wood from your W108 Mercedes, complete with pictures


Pictures of the wood out of the car

Refinishing and Installation

Information about finishes used, and pictures of the final product installed in the car

250S Stereo Upgrade: (9/9/01)

A few pictures and information about upgrading the stereo in my 250S using correct refurbished parts from the original suppliers.

MB Zenith Carburetor Manual

I scanned and OCRed each page of this original manual.... its quite useful for anyone doing with on a Zenith equipped Mercedes (or even BMW).

Some older car pages:

My 300SD old

It came and went so fast... my W126. Traded it for Brown Car, Grover Mudd. See the links on this page.

1967 MB 250S Restoration Pages

This is some of the more interesting reading on the site. Follow the path of my beloved 250S, from the day I bought it to the day Isold it. Lots of technical notes about work done. Feel free to emailme if you have any questions or comments!

The old 250S ad (Check it out for the pictures)

I had to sell it... but I forget why. But this ad has some of the best pictures of the car.

My '68 Saab 96 V4 (4/21/03 new page, original page lost!!!)

Sometimes you need something different. And if an old Mercedes doesn't do it, an old Saab will! The Saab is sold now too. I put about 2000 miles on it in the few months I had it. Drove it all over the place and it never let me down... until the tranny gave out! I sold it on eBay to someone more willing to repair it than I was.

Miscellaneous pages and resources:

Pictures of Amelia Island Concourse d'Elegance 2001


Latest pictures in my flickr photostream:
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