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Jaime’s 1967 Mercedes Benz 250S


On July 8, 2000….

…I sold my 250S. It was
very hard to see it go, I love the car and put more time and energy than most
people would ever considering putting into an old Benz like this. Its now living
with wonderful women in New York state who I’m sure will take good care of it.
I made her promise that she would sell the car back to me when she was done
with it, I want to own this car again sometime in the future. She has plans
to fix the body and bring out the true beauty of this early 108 Mercedes.

I drove just over an hour
into NY to meet the new owner and the car performed flawlessly. The AC now works,
along with everything else. Of course, I took the digital camera along for the
final voyage: See the pictures here.

6/13/00 I bought a parts
car! Click here…

Last Update 3/9/00… Click

See the original 250S
Journal page
for the day to day work done on the car.

Also look at the MB
Zenith Carburetor manual
online (under construction)

the New Pictures

This and the linking pages
are all related to the 1967 Mercedes Benz 250S I’ve been working on since September

The car was advertised in
the local Want Ad Press for $1500. The owner was very honest about the car and
just wanted to get rid of it. He’d been trying to sell it for quite a while
and his wife was getting on him to do it soon. The car had been in his family
since new. In 1967, his Aunt and her new husband (they were both older people
at the time) bought two new Mercedes for themselves: This 250S and a better
model, maybe a 300SE. The record book that came with the car showed that it
was driving very little until 1978. On May 31, 1978 the car had been serviced
at 34,131 miles. Shortly after that her husband died. She parked her 250S in
the garage and drove his car. The car sat until the late 1980s. She had died
at this time and her brother took ownership of the car. He drove the car very
little but maintained it well. In 1994 he gave the car too his son because he
needed something to drive. At this point the car had just over 40,000 miles
on it. He drove it until about a year ago when it began burning oil. He’s been
trying to sell it ever since. At first he was asking $2000 but then reduced
it to $1500. I offered him $500 and we settled on $750.

The car has 63,000 documented
miles. All the original tools and papers are in very good condition.

I bought this car in early
September with low compression and burning oil. Driving it home, it burnt about
1 quart of 20w50 in 40 miles. At first, I was hoping the piston rings were “stuck”
and they could be freed without having to rebuild the engine, but that wasn’t
the problem. After trying a few tricks and becoming familiar with the car for
a few weeks, me and my friend Alvaro started to rebuild the engine. It took
about 6 weeks from getting the engine ready to be removed, to starting it for
the first time the day before Thanksgiving. Since then, I’ve been working to
get the car suitable for daily driving. I have installed new(er) tires, rebuilt
the carburetors, and passed inspection. For details about the work done, check
the day by day journal.

Most of the mechanical work
that needed to be done has been taken care of. Next, I have the deal with the
rust spots on the front fenders and two dents that have to be pulled. (See
the pictures

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Created 1/2/00

Last update 3/9/00


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  1. Hello Mr. Kopchinski, I just found your site while researching other people who have restored W108’s. I’m beginning to undergo (more like considering undergoing) the same process with my 280SE and was wondering if you had any of the old links to your day to day journal or pics of the engine rebuild? There’s so little concrete info on 108 restorations that I’m clinging too whatever I find. Thanks!

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