1967 Mercedes Benz 250S

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The next 250S…..

Just more pictures and a video here now… A nice description
will be coming soon enough, enjoy! (maybe!)

Links of interest:

The 250S makes a 2000 mile round trip to Flordia (3/9/03)

A very nice interior shot (6/21/02)

Rear suspension rebuild (5/27/02)

Recent pictures after a good cleaning (5/25/02)

odometer rolls over 44,444 miles at 4:04pm

New 250S Stereo Install

Click here to see the original pictures I took of the car. (6/31/01)

Click on each of the pictures below to see a larger version:

Front of the car, after a wash and a bit of cleaner

The engine, now pretty clean. Correct battery coming

Clean valve cover, but not polished

Right size of the engine.

.AVI of the engine running, about 3.7 megs

Created August 24, 2001

2 thoughts on “1967 Mercedes Benz 250S”

  1. Great photos, info, and story. I recently purchased a 1966 250s that is in very rough condition. I will refer to your site, and possibly contact you with questions as a friend and I attempt to restore this car. Great site though. Thanks for making this site.

  2. Just discovered this site while searching for answers about my own unrestored 1966 250 SE. Yours seems a bit nicer than mine. Been in my family since originally delivered. Now has nearly 300k miles on it and sits in my driveway near Philadelphia. Still runs, but a bit rough. Needs more and more attention as it ages and I’m not sure I can give it the proper care as I get older. Still nice to see another survivor. Thanks for the pictures and story.

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