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Some returning visitors might remember the “old” JaimeKop.com.  These are a few of the original pages I moved into the new site.

The old site is still available here, but keep in mind some of the links might not work correctly.

1967 Mercedes Benz 250S – This was my second W108.  I still miss it.

1979 Mercedes Benz 300D – Grover Mudd – A silly page about a wonderful beat up old W123.

1967 Mercedes Benz 250S – My first W108.  I did a tremendous amount of work on this car and learned a lot in the process.

W108 Wood Refinishing – A collection of a few pages covering work a did years ago to restore the wood in an early W108.

5 thoughts on “Old JaimeKop.com Pages”

  1. Hey Jaime,
    Your R&R pictures and description on the dash wood helped me alot
    on my 1972 280 se 4.5….THANKS!!!!!!
    I actually did a practice run on a 72 250 parts car that I have and now I have two cars worth of wood to refinish…….use one and sell the other to support my Benz hobby
    What color paint did you squirt on your 250? It is beautiful!!
    I think i will do that on mine. It should go well with the factory blue interior I would guess.
    Thanks Again,
    In summy Tucson Arizona

  2. Jaime,
    Thanks for your great website. Right now I am about a year and half into a ’73 280 SE 4.5, new paint and interior and she did run great until saturday. I changed the fuel pump when I first got her, the other day however I did run out of gas due to a sticky fuel gauge, I knew that car didn’t get 30mpg. Hopefully its something simple as I put gas in it that day and drove it another 150 miles, then yesterday it died around the corner from my house leaving to run a few errands. Oh well, I really appreciate your time in taking helpful photographs on the wood refinishing, i hope to do mine someday. Also, the w116, I’ve often wondered about those, I’m in sales and would love a vintage daily driver that had better mpg.
    Have a good day. Mario, Fort Worth, Texas

  3. I have a 69 Mercedes 230 that I have purchased a couple months ago, and I am having a problem with trying to figure out where certain vacuum lines go. When I opened the hood to the engine I noticed that the lines were missing connecting to the distributer, no hose do the dashpot. I tried so many sites and did not have what I was looking for and many have referred me to your site. Can you help me on this? Even a photo of the 114 motor without the filter can help me a lot.

  4. Good Evening. I lost the chrome top to one of my Bosch 0 321 023 901 fanfare horns that came off when I was driving on the Interstate. I have been trying to find a replacement fan fare horn. I discovered you had a set of Bosch fanfare horns for sale on ebay but I could not open for bidding. Can you tell me if they are still available and how much. The site where I saw them was http://www.jaimekop.com/ebay/horns.

  5. Hello,
    I just discovered your site. Great stuff. I post vids on YouTube as wfs52.
    I found your site by searching for info on Reims 10 SW adapter as shown in your 250S. I have the adapter but cannot see how it attaches under the dash. I don’t see any screw holes on the top of the adapter. I see one female threaded hole in the center back of the unit. How did you attach yours?

    One of my earliest memories of MB’s was about 1973 or so getting to drive a 250S with 4 speed manual on the floor. Cool ride. Wish it had been for sale and had it today.


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