W108 Wood Refinishing

W108 Wood Refinishing Pages: (3/24/02)

Wood removal

A step by step guide about removing the wood from your W108 Mercedes, complete with pictures


Pictures of the wood out of the car

Refinishing and Installation

Information about finishes used, and pictures of the final product installed in the car

3 thoughts on “W108 Wood Refinishing”

  1. Excellent resource. Can I ask if you did anything with the trim around the inside of the doors’ window frames? What are those made of? I’m looking at a W108 and those look all dried and checked/peeling, but not sure even what material they are made of.

    There should be a link to your pages from http://www.w108.org for sure.

    1. Thanks! The pieces around the doors are just wood, like everything else. Its thin, and I believe the top layer is veneer. Water damage is common here, and usually destroys the pieces. Your best bet is to find a good used set to start with. You can refinish them like any of the other wood. Good luck!

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